Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Headed Up The Driveway

A cracked pot rests in the Lush. It turned out well. The Lush is a little shorter in this spot.

Liatris also looks better with shorter companions.

I have planted hundreds of corms, but in places it is swallowed up.

I would either starve to death or have to get serious in order to live off the roadside vegetable garden. The start is slow. The wait is long. Harvest season is very compacted. At least I won't be clueless when the apocalypse arrives. I know what to do. The ornamental part of the garden is just more interesting.

Would you suspect there was a roadside vegetable garden residing in there?

Uncle Ernie knows.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Uncle Ernie is serious about watching over the veg garden. I can see it in his eyes.

Christopher C. NC said...

There is all kinds of serious business to watch over in the vegetable garden when I am not looking. I only see the evidence.

Phillip Oliver said...

It looks wonderful. Your photos have been incredible this year!

Barry said...

Perhaps one of Uncle Ernie's eyes could be retrofitted with a "crittercam", to better ID the interlopers' activities. But it would only document what you already suspect or know .