Friday, July 15, 2016

Two Gardens For Bloom Day

I was not thinking Bloom Day at work today. I had other things on my mind. But beauty stopped me. I decided to get a picture to capture this moment in time. Lucifer dances with Rozanne.

Then I took a few more.

The Fountain Garden is in full summer bloom. Today it looks like this, but I know gardens change with time. It will never look this way again.

The fishes in Twin Falls Pond are growing. I had a bit of a scare last week when the sump pump that handles the overflow lost its seal, shorted out the circuit and and put a sheen of oil into the pond. The fishes seem to be doing fine. There was damage from the oil spill to the plants.

I still wasn't thinking Bloom Day when I went for a quiet walk in the garden to see what I might see. The world lay heavy on my mind. Beauty can stop the chatter.

This is the best showing of liatris I have ever had. Planting hundreds of corms helped no doubt. I do know the voles ate quite a few in one area. We need to plant more beauty than the damn varmints can destroy.

It is good to stop for beauty in a world gone mad.

I know it has the power to slow traffic.

Beebalm drifts through the sunny utility meadow. I strolled slowly among it.

When I came back to the world I saw a happy post that said Bloom Day. That is what I was taking pictures of beauty for.

Grasses bloom too.

Go visit Miss Carol for more beauty. I bet she'll have some zinnias you've never seen before. I have a Plume Poppy. Give yourself permission for a moment to just forget about the rest of the world. Go get lost in beauty.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Good advise. I enjoyed your double garden tour. It did bring to mind the beauty in this world.

Dana Foerster said...

It's very calming and gratifying to see this beauty all around you! Pics 9 and 10 are therapeutic to me. Also, your Lucifer and Liatris are good Rx's, too. You really do have heaven on earth, Outside Clyde!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I am lucky that that is where I get to spend all my days.

Dana I am most happy with my little hideout on the mountain top.

christine maciel said...

I love the way you're using grasses among the Liatris and coneflowers. The liatris in my garden is looking great too, must be the rain we got last month.....and the bumblebees love it. The monarda 'Raspberry wine' is doing well too..attracting hummingbirds. Your garden is very nicely laid out.
Make a long shot so we can see more of it. Thanks.

Lea said...

Get lost in beauty - wonderful advice!
I enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos!