Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yes You May

We were late. Traffic came to a halt on I-40. By the time we arrived two theater rooms were completely filled. The over flow crowd was told a second screening would be at 1pm. Thank you. We will be back.

After the movie I took Sister #1 to see the garden in person. It was hot. It was dry. I was transported to a small village in Africa surrounded for protection from the wild things. It's a moody garden.

Every time I visit Christopher's garden it has something else to say.

The big head keeps moving.

Yes you may. So I didn't stop Bulbarella from collecting a handful of nigella seeds. It was only fair. Her Black Iris now lives there.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

Isn't it wonderful how gardens don't become stagnant. I remember his garden. It was exciting. Something around every corner.