Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Moods In A Meadow

It's pink. I can't imagine me buying a pink anything even if it was on the discard rack. I need to find the tag. I swear the lilies are all turning pink.

There is no deliberate pink in the meadows. It is hard to look at them and even consider the word deliberate. The best that can be said is that I set them in motion.

As you move through the garden, the mood of the meadow is constantly changing. Plant populations gather more thickly in specific locations.

The Purple Coneflower is kind of pink, but not an annoying pink because of the slight purple tint. I guess there might be a number of off pinks that aim for burgundy and purple.

Sister #2 came bearing gifts. She is practicing her craft and curio skills for the Roadside Possum Stand that will supplement our meager gubmint checks in our decrepitude.

I like it.

I did say it needs a stick and behold, there is stick receptacle. The glass flower can join my metal flowers in the garden.

The rudbeckia took over the strawberry patch at the far end of the roadside vegetable garden and reclaimed that space for meadow.

Queen Anne's Lace has made a mighty stand towards the middle of the garden.

A different angle shows another mood.

In the first light of morning, the chicory joins in.

The chicory put itself here. The meadows are in constant motion.

And it was done.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I like your sister's flower. It looks good in your garden. I am death on glass anyplace but especially in the garden.

beverly said...

The glass flower is wonderful! Boy do I find looking at these pictures restorative after reading the news, ugh......

Sallysmom said...

Does your sister have an Etsy shop?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa now you make me think I put the glass flower too close to a rock.

Bev the garden is the perfect thing for getting away from the news.

Sallysmom Sister #2 is master degree nurse (nurse practitioner) in a pulmonary unit at a ginormous hospital in Fl. No Etsy shop.