Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Walk In The Winter Garden

The thaw is off to a good start. The glaciers have begun to retreat from their deep freeze maximum extent. The glacier at Almighty Falls is intense. It is no wonder the previous construction there disintegrated.

The little snow we got with the polar plunge is gone. The Under Garden is back and the new balmy warm of 48 whole degrees made for a pleasant late afternoon stroll.

I do believe I am satisfied with the plantings of the conifers and evergreens on the slope below the cozy cabin. I can turn my attention elsewhere.

I can envision their growth ten years from now.

I can envision the Tall Flower Meadow of high summer on this same slope becoming more refined over time with regular editing.

To a point where the Under Garden is on equal footing with the meadow in summer. The garden is evolving as all gardens do.

There is a fine winter garden high on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top through out the barren time. It comes and goes with cold and snow which I see will be back next weekend. Will the glaciers be gone by then?


Lisa Greenbow said...

It is exciting to watch plants grow.

Hugh Martin said...

What a beautiful sight after the past weeks. I had been planning on a trip up to the Woodsong Garden this weekend, but the weather says no.