Friday, January 12, 2018

Return To Siberolina

Another dusting of snow followed by a week of deep cold is set to arrive in the night. I won't be getting out much next week. The glaciers will regrow. There will be plenty time to do the taxes in increments.

I haven't done this much power lounging in quite some time. It generates mixed emotions. The Under Garden's first real bloom and my cataract have coincided for the winter. It generates mixed emotions.

But I am plotting a pop up garden tour, short notice and weather dependent, before the daffodils even think about blooming. I need someone without cataracts to confirm my vision.

Tomorrow when I wake up it will be all covered in snow. We will meet again during the next thaw.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good luck with your cataract removal. You will be so pleased with the results.

Christopher C. NC said...

My next eye appointment is this week. I'm hoping to schedule surgery for the first week of March when my mommy is back and Sister #2, the nurse is here.