Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Bad Start

I already need a do over. The last 48 hours have been poor to annoying.

It was already cold. Wicked cold arrived New Year's Eve. I woke up to 4 degrees and a half inch of snow. That wasn't a problem. It was a holiday after all. It was way too cold though.

Then it began.

A three hour fight with the printer because of a dried up Lady Bug.
I couldn't print all the forms I needed.
The Feds and the State have not posted their 1040 forms for 2017 yet.
The phone call.
The koi pond at the Posh Estate went dry.
All the water hoses were frozen.
One big koi was beached and frozen solid.

The internet went offline.
Practice run no doubt.
I gave up and went to bed.

It was one this morning.
Second attempt to make an appointment with a dentist failed.
A junction in the koi pond's plumbing froze and sprung a leak.
The Babbling Brook was running dry.
I had to shut it down.
All the hoses were still frozen.

Then a very disturbing phone message.
That is simply not possible.

This is possible.

In the Winter of Monet.

This is not a problem.

The full moon is awesome.
I will be celebrating New Year's day tomorrow.
I'm starting over.


Lisa Greenbow said...

oh Mercy. What a frozen mess. It is like one thing goes and the domino affect////////

Christopher C. NC said...

The question is, are the dominos done falling?

Hugh Martin said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for better days ahead.

Jd said...

Hi Christopher, my rubber pond liner froze then shattered during the polar vortex in 2014. I had a deep end where I found all my fish alive. They were lined up like boats in a harbor. Luckily we had 2 days of warm weather and I had to find another liner, move the fish ,remove and replace the liner, and fill the pond . In winter, in 2 days. Didn't lose one fish. Good luck. Denise

Christopher C. NC said...

Today was better Hugh.

Yikes Denise. I have never had the rubber liner freeze and shatter. That has to be the absolute worst. I lost one fish, but it was already having issues. Basically the plumbing burst and pumped the water out and hence below the pump level. The fish were fine in the water below that. It is filled back up and ready for the next polar blast. The plumbing repair can wait for warmer days.