Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Four big vats of pre-chilled pond scum are as ready as I can make them for the next polar blast. The two big ones were shut down. The two smaller ones are still pumping. Hoses had been placed in the greenhouse for thawing. Working hoses were a major improvement. One large koi went belly up for good. All the others are perfectly fine.

All went well and there was no additional drama. I even saw a new pretty kind baby fish today.

Ice however is a strong natural force with a will of its own. There are no guarantees. Today went well. I'll be happy with that.

Now I am ready to stay put for the next incoming polar tsunami. All week it has been rolling in like cool molasses. Word is this wave will roar. Wind chill may not be an adequate description.

I hope you don't tire of looking at Creation in its daily transformations. I don't. This is my daily view during Siberolina.

If I am going to putter around inside a living painting for who knows how many days, you can too. Happy New Year.


Sallysmom said...

Are you able to get out & about very much? Do you read a lot? How on earth do you spend your time when the polar blast hits?

Lisa Greenbow said...

I hope all your ancillary gardens survive this polar blast. I know your personal garden will survive. I don't mind looking at your garden. It reminds me how hail and hardy it is. Easy on the eyes too. Keep warm.

Jd said...

I enjoy your pics. While I don't visit as often as before you finished the cabin, your garden has always been a draw. Yesterday I told you about my pond liner shattering and think it might have been due to age and uv rays. Also the water froze and created a lid that rested on the inner ledge. The weight of that "lid" of ice took out the liner. It was in pieces as I dug it out. I 'm happy you didn't lose more fish! Denise

Christopher C. NC said...

I make do Sallysmom. Mostly I am putting on needed weight for the garden season ahead.

All the gardens I tend will be fine Lisa. I tend to be a stickler for choosing plants that grow well here.

Denise after a full season of a heron pigging out in all four ponds, one more dead fish was easier to take. That damn bird ate my three prettiest Butterfly koi from Twin Falls Pond. The plastic heron decoys seem to be working. No more losses after I put them out.