Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Method With No Plan

There is a method to the wild cultivated gardens.

I eliminate the thuggish and unwanted and tidy things up.

Nature has filled in behind me with a more diverse and far more interesting collection of plants. I added more natives.

A garden was planted directly into the mix. There are no mulched beds.

Once a year, the still standing herbaceous vegetation is cut to the ground and left there.

When it is time, it all pops back up.

During the time of vegetation I keep editing as needed, less all the time, and try to give the planted plants a skylight in the Lush until they grow to become skylights on their own. I have forgotten a few plants to their detriment. I leave everything else alone to do its thing. There is no weeding in a conventional sense. There is path mowing.

Nature keeps filling in behind me, sometimes with new suggestions. I keep planting more plants.

There were a whole host of influences leading to this garden. A big jolt happened in the gardens of West Asheville.

What can I say? I am a long time peasant gardener for the well to do with a bit of Fred Sanford in him. This is what came out. There was no master plan.

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