Friday, April 6, 2018

Now That I Have Your Attention

The re-build of the koi pond at the Posh Estate is close to done. I have had to go rock hunting. Fetching my own rocks takes a bit more time than having a load of them delivered in close reach.

The rebuild started at the top of the boulder pile, included the whole upper pond and the entire stream channel that feeds into the big pond below. Thankfully the big pond below was fine as is.

That splash is out of control. It needs to be adjusted. I will fiddle with it at some point.

A new rubber liner was placed in the cleaned out upper pond and channel of the existing system. The first rubber liner had been covered in mortar and once water got under that from countless seams and cracks, who knows where it was getting forced out. It is so easy for water to vanish into the ground here.

One more day and it will be done. I am so over ponds. What a giant PITA!


daisy said...

So glad you're back, seeing better and seeming to do well. And so glad spring is here. I hope. ;)
Everything is beautiful there. I love the beginning march of the mayflowers.
I will be in your area soon. I hope to see the flying bicycle on my travels so I can ogle from the scenic byway - though I'm not sure exactly which scenic byway it is.

Tracy said...

your rockwork is amazing

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Darn those big falls and ponds.

Christopher C. NC said...

Daisy it is Hwy 209 in Haywood County.

Thanks Tracy. My rock hauling days are coming to an end.

Lisa I am so over ponds. They suck up too much of my time. I am a gardener, not a pond scum technician.

daisy said...

Got it. I'll be through on the 18th or 19th if you're in the mood for touring a rubber-necking, garden-loving total stranger.

Christopher C. NC said...

Always in the mood for showing the gardens Daisy. I will be working those days and only home in the evenings so that may make things difficult depending on what your vacation plans actually are.