Friday, April 20, 2018


I have been surprised how very little editing needs doing in the wild cultivated gardens. It makes it easier to find some of Bulbarella's new deposits.

Granted I am still half blind and things are just waking up. There isn't much to grab a hold of and pull yet.

But I am not seeing any evidence, that other than elbow room, any real editing will need to happen.

The wild cultivated gardens continue to just be. This is so not how things work in the proper gardens I tend.

There are no weeds here. Editing is a completely different concept.

That means I need something to pull. An executive decision was made and this year's big edit is going to focus on Solidago canadensis. I think I have decided that three years in a row now. This year I mean it. I am going to pull it with abandon. When it gets tall enough to ID and grab.

Not to worry. That will leave me with three, maybe four other species of Goldenrod. The S. canadensis is just too thuggish. I want more asters.

For now I wait and wander. I could start whacking the paths if I really need something to do. I really think this is as close as you can get to a low maintenance garden. I edit. I whack. That's about it. Be warned, it did take ten years to get to this point


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Oh, my, your mayapples are going everywhere. We did not visit the place we saw them on down the road from us during mayapple time. Really should have but just didn't have time. I love them.