Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Under Garden Of Winter

It turned to the warm side after Siberolina.

Rain commenced. The Under Garden was starting to clearly show through.

There has been a lot of weather crossing over these mountains while I have been busy trying to finish shutting gardens down for the winter. Getting there. It's nice to come home where nature puts most of the gardens down just fine on its own. I just tidy things up a bit before spring.

But I need a garden made of more than decay to get me through the winter even if I don't get far from my front porch.

Sunday collided with clear blue skies and sixty plus degrees.

Today was the day.

The Under Garden of winter is here.

It can be said the garden is now ten years old. The idea of it anyway, a low mounding tapestry of texture and color sweeping across the slope below the cozy cabin, highly visible from above. Some how that tapestry veered off on an unusual tangent.

It has taken a decade to plant a collection of dwarf conifers and evergreens. I am a long time peasant gardener for the well to do. It will take another decade for them all to mature. The garden will be different then. That will be fine.