Friday, November 16, 2007

From These Hills

There outta be a law I tell ya, against strong winds below a certain temperature. It was a gorgeous day and I don't think it got above 40 degrees. The wind was gone and I felt fine working outside all day.

If you haven't checked the links in my sidebar under Blogs of Appalachia there are two I highly recommend. From These Hills and Appalachian Treks both reveal the beauty of this area in stunning clarity. They make my pictures look like the snapshots they are. Practice. Practice.

The Oaks are having the final say in this season called fall. They are the last to hang onto their leaves with colors of golden brown and umber reds. The mostly naked forest reveals just how many Oaks there are in these hills.

All the top boards on the resident gardeners deck were removed on this beautiful day. Tomorrow the joists will be reset and some new joists added. Then the new decking can be screwed on.

It should be another beautiful and slightly warmer day. I may peel off enough layers to get down to my T-shirt.

I am adjusting.


Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Here many of the oaks' leaves persist through the winter. They don't drop off until the new shoots start to emerge in late winter/early spring.

Anonymous said...


My friend Lhendri of Hendersonville sent me your blog. I used to live and garden in the Sweetwater oaks subdivision (on N> Rugby Rd) some years ago. We moved from H'ville about 1991.

Enjoyed reading your blog.

Anna Richter

lisa said...

You are absolutely adjusting to life in an area of large seasonal changes quite well, I think! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...between the weather, gardens, forest, and wildlife, it's a truly splendid adventure always, IMO.

Christopher C. NC said...

If these Oaks hold their leaves through the winter with these winds I will be surprised. A few are already pert near nekkid.

Stop by any time Anna.

Lisa this is an adventure for sure. I have yet to mention that I am literally surrounded by hunters in these woods. Unleash the Hounds!

bev said...

Oooh, a warning about hunters from a former southern Virginian. They'll shoot at anything that moves (whether they can see it or not), so ALWAYS wear blaze orange when out during hunting season! I had a friend who wouldn't even let her dog out the whole hunting season.