Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Further On Down The Road

High summer has reached the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top. The floral abundance continues to build.

This is the time when chaos feels carefree.

Yes there really is an organized and tidy roadside vegetable garden inside the wildflower surround.

Today I was visited by Super Electro Man and the remaining electrical issues were solved. I now have a garbage disposal and under cabinet lights that work on the switches. One more big item of processes was scratched off the list.

While I wasn't helping or maybe annoying Super Electro, another twelve feet of wine bottle edging was added to the cabin side bed. Little bits of progress are squeezed in. I have been filling this bed with native sedges, Sisyrinchium angustifolium, Plantago major and interesting grasses that show up in unwanted locations. This bed is intended as a pseudo no mow lawn with a zen edge. A seedling Acer griseum in this bed will one day give it a strong vertical element.

Some big boulders would work here, but I have enough rocks. Maybe the right sculptural piece will show up one day.

A big thunderstorm last night made a bit of a mess in the ridge top garden next door. Those Black Locust logs are only part of it. Add another 25 feet of tree through the middle of a big bed of rhododendrons. When I went over for supper Bulbarella was ready to talk business. I need to hire you she said. No I will clean up what I can and call a friend who needs firewood to take out the logs.

In the uncrushed parts of the garden summer blooms on.

Super Electro made me a very happy man. The back porch and basement patio lights all work now. Hale Mana is fully functional in plenty of time for the next guests in early August when I will once again return to the luxury basement accommodations next door.

I have actually gotten a lot done since I moved in. I'll just keep plugging away and the grounds will one day match the luxury of the cozy cabin's insides.


Lola said...

Lots of beauty for Uncle Ernie to enjoy.
I hope the neighbor doesn't make a bigger mess of the ridge top garden. Hopefully he will take care with all that beauty while removing the logs. The bottle edge is growing. Looks like you have some wonderful plants going on in it.
Love the Cozy Cabin with all the lights. It's great that it all works like it's supposed to.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hale Mana is now living up to its name. It looks so inviting with the lights on. Uncle Ernie has a lot or pretties to watch over now.

Anonymous said...

Hale Mana is not only beautiful during the day, but gorgeous at night! We did not get much rain with the storm on our side of the mountain, but we did get the wind.
Today, I hope I can get started early enough to make a dent in my weed gardens. With the heat, rain and Grandsons, I have not had much time and to deal with them.


Fairegarden said...

Let there be light! It looks heavenly, Christopher. I have to laugh at Bulbarella's proposal. She misses having you there so much now that you are away more. Free labor is worth paying for.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Oh what a gorgeous picture of the cozy cabin all lit up in the darkness of the forest. And those sunflowers are gorgeous!

lh said...

I can only echo what Fairegarden said. The cabin is beautiful, in the dusk, with all the electrical stuff working. It’s all coming together, after years of your hard work. I send loud applause. And with the unexpected pieces of wood that came down, well, yet another opportunity to come closer to Bulbarella. Nothing more important than family. Maybe, in a sunny spot, start some herbs for her cooking?
Lois, Zone 5

Anonymous said...

Wow, love that nighttime photo of Hale Mana! You have a home, at last.
Durn locusts are so brittle, but hard. He'll have fun dulling his chain saw.