Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Sunflower Tower

Perhaps I should just give up on this vegetable nonsense.

The sunflowers want to rule the patch.


Becky said...

I love that kind of sunflowers. Did you plant them from seed and if you did where did you get it? Min came originally from birdseed , but they seem to be dwindling.

Anonymous said...

I just read in American Gardener that they are allelopathic (seed hulls). Have you noticed anything along those lines?
Sure are show-stoppers!


Lola said...

They sure are pretty. Very tall too. Maybe the rotting chips have helped a tad. But can you eat them?
Love the veggie part.
Maybe that is the reason someone helped themselves?

Christopher C. NC said...

Becky I planted packaged seed from who knows where - stuff just finds me - three years ago and struggled to get them to survive. A few did and from then on they have self sowed. I just thin them so they really don't take over completely. There is some interbreeding going on I can tell from the originals. Next year I must be more ruthless.

Bev what I have noticed more is that they are sunlight, food and water hogs. In light rain there is always a dry spot under them which means anything to close can miss out on the rain. Most of the seeds fly away with birds and any hulls left I think would leach out well over the winter.

Yes they are pretty Lola. I saw two different cars stop today to take pictures. I bet I don't see them all. I'm not sure if they are the eating kind seeds, but it is more work than I want to deal with.