Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There Are Some Things I Like

About the organized line of garbage that is the edging for the cabin side bed.

I like the visual play of the different colors of glass and the way the light plays with the bottles.

I really like how rain water adds to the play of light. Snow should be fun too, at least until it is so deep the bottles disappear.

My OCD wants the line and depth of the bottles much more precise. So far I have resisted. That would be much easier if I was working in sand instead of dirt mixed with gravel and rock. That can be a project for another time.

There are some things I like about the chaos that has engulfed the roadside vegetable garden. All those wildflowers and weeds keep a healthy and diverse insect population in the garden for pollination. Overall I have next to no insect problems. My biggest issue is losing sprouting seedlings, but once a plant gets going, nothing insect wise really bothers the vegetables. There is no need at all for pesticides, organic or otherwise.

The sunflowers have already started to attract the seed eaters. Some of those birds are likely to eat insects too.

There is a great deal of cheerfulness and instant gratification with the sunflowers while the larger gardens slowly come into being. It feels like something has actually been accomplished. They also attract photographers. I saw two cars stop on Sunday for pictures. It is only fair that with all the pictures I take of other people's gardens that my garden should be on the other end of a stranger's camera.

After two seasons with too many sunflowers, I am becoming convinced that they do decrease my yields of produce. The sunflowers are hogs plain and simple. They compete for all the necessary resources of food, water and sunshine. More than anything they cast a good deal of shade on the shorter vegetables.

There are some things I do like about all those sunflowers, but they have to go. Next year I promise, as God as my witness, I will be ruthless in pulling them out. Just maybe a few can stay.


Siria said...

Well, I remeber you said that last year about the sunflowers and you surely have many more this year than last. I love those sunflowers ~ maybe you can move them somewhere else in your garden instead of getting rid of them?

As for your bottles, I think they look great! and I love the variations on color.

Lola said...

Lots of beauty, even Uncle Ernie isn't talking. Looks like he's knee deep in it.
Sunflowers are pretty but I heard that you aren't supposed to grow them in the same place as past. What is the red blooms with the pole beans?
I do like the randomness of the bottles. After a rain have you ever seen butterflies drinking from the bottles?
I have something I don't know what it is. Heart shaped leaves, dark stems like burgundy. White blooms, they must appear at night as I've never seen them open {I do sleep late}.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your sunflowers are enjoyed by all but especially by Uncle Ernie. I don't see how your garden gets enough light. The sunflowers obviously love this area.

I am not a great fan of those bottles in the garden. I am not totally opposed to them but they just haven't inspired me to do anything with them. I don't have them stuck in the ground or hanging on trees. I am so clutsy I would probably break them. I can break anything fragile. Especially in the garden.