Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meditation In Stone

So I did a whole lot of nothing the other day. I started out weeding around some of my baby shrubberies and then this pile of rocks by my front steps called out to me. They had been laying there for so long. I spent the next four hours stacking stones just to see what would appear.

So I accomplished nothing productive and for the four hours I was stacking stones I thought about nothing productive, no chores, no jobs, no garden strolls, nothing.

My only thoughts were about how to make these rocks balance.

The thing is ugly, really ugly. I so wish at times I had fancy flat and rectangular rocks, but I don't. These are the rocks I got. I imagine in its next life this thing will become part of a new wall I have planned. I certainly don't want this ugly thing by my front door permanently. It is surprisingly steady though. Doesn't even wiggle.

Then it became boring.

Time to head to the roadside vegetable garden to seed the new empty rows where the taters were. It's getting quite lush in there behind the wildflower surround. I ate my first ripe cherry tomato. Quite delish.

Yes some where in all that vegetable lush are two whole empty rows. I seeded carrots, parsnips, radish and two kind lettuce. I think I should seed some more cucumbers. They have been so ornery this year. Maybe it is warm enough for them now.

Now I can meditate on water. The rains have been too sporadic for seed germination so these new rows will need to be kept moist.


Lola said...

Sometimes we need to just be able to Putter at nothing or just move things till they fit. Wish I had more rocks to play with. Love them from the mtns.
That corn is the darkest green. The whole roadside garden looks great. I bet that little "mater" did taste scrumptious.

Fairegarden said...

I don't think it's ugly. Maybe in person. But the veggie bed is a thing of beauty, for sure.


Anonymous said...

Just call that pile of stones your cairn.

Stone Art's Blog said...

Your stones aren't ugly, to me stones are just 'big boy Lego'. Stone balancing can be pretty awesome aswell. I did a blog post on this a while back give it a go next time you go messing with your stones!