Friday, August 26, 2011

The Garden's Gotten Much Bigger

I don't get out for evening strolls near as often as in the past. Now I am just as likely to come home and set for a spell. It is getting towards dark by the time I get moving again. There is generally something that needs tending too before dark as well. Stroll time is sacrificed.

Sad but true, I drive next door to go to dinner most of the time. Half of the time something's got to be toted from one place to the other and it is too far to walk toting things. I really don't want to have to herd two cats either. They will follow wherever I walk. They herd fine, but it's an extra thing to pay attention to when my attention is waning.

The garden stretches so much farther from one end to the other than it has in the past. Odd but true and you wonder how that happened.

I wanted to see what seven loose cows had done and managed to get up to the ridge top garden to have a look around. This is proving to be a semi-regular occurrence. It will be good to have some kind of baseline for comparison.

Surprisingly they stayed on the paths for the most part and with a pretty dry soil, the hoof prints were minimal. Except for the lowest, wettest path you might never know that seven loose cows spent some quality time in the ridge top garden on their own evening stroll. Poor things couldn't find a blade of grass to eat in all this Lush. This time no real harm was done. This time.

The garden may have gotten much bigger, but do you suppose that stops anyone from planting more things. I rescued more ferns from the bush hogging across the byway. On closer inspection I think these may be Ostrich Ferns instead of Royal Ferns. Either way these are large, up to three foot tall, even bigger if happy, ferns. I'm fine with that. We have a big garden. It needs big plants. I will know next spring if the move was successful. They are certainly in the right condition for moving.

Hopefully the Begonia grandis will be happy here and I can coax them in to a big drift. I need big drifts in a big garden.

Maybe the garden will shrink again one day. I just have a feeling that won't be anytime soon.


Alison said...

I'm glad to hear you have experience herding cats, it might come in handy some day. I love ostrich ferns, I hope they thrive for you!

Lola said...

Days do seem to be getting a bit shorter. We do have to take a breather at times.
I imagine the "cook" doesn't mind one bit for the company.
So glad there wasn't too much damage done by wondering cows.
Planting is a good thing. I wonder what kind of fern I have. It runs by roots under ground & is very tall. I think it was a gift by birds.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

In my experience you can't kill Ostrich Ferns. They don't need much encouragement. A funny thought in my mind of you herding cats.