Sunday, August 28, 2011

Head High

You may have heard the term "tallgrass prairie?" By this time of year what might best describe what we have around here in part is a tallflower meadow. Many of the late season native wildflowers are well over my head when it is time to bloom. Lucky I live on steep ground so I can get above them to have a better look.

Even some of the non-native flowers are head high.

It was heads up today The primer coat on the basement patio ceiling was begun. Two thirds of a third was completed. One coat of primer followed by two coats of haint blue, a color of blue that has yet to be determined. The beadboard has to be hand painted with a brush. Even an extra nappy roller wouldn't fill the grooves in the beadboard.

I do need to get the basement patio moving along before the tallflower meadow really takes over. Nice thing is there are self seeded wildflowers and a nice unknown grass that have come up in there that are worth transplanting.

The over my head high Helianthus maximiliani, an actual native of the tallgrass prairie are doing their thing.

And their thing always seems to be to stay very erect until the moment they bloom when the weight of the flowers seems to pull them towards the earth and the space they take up triples.

But in a tallflower meadow with a garden this big it is hard to fault them.


Lola said...

It's so nice to look out over all that beauty.
Like the basement patio. It's coming along. It looks so much lighter now.
Do you plan to put some kind of fire pit there?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That white paint makes the area under the CC light up. It will be a nice space to sit and contemplate the tall meadow.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I will have a fire pit because I will have a constant supply of sticks to get rid of. Not under the house though. Out in the garden some where.

Lisa I look forward to the basement patio becoming fully functional. It will be a great space to set.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Cool little light up in there. But of course the flowers are prettier. I have hard time keeping my sunflowers erect (not a euphemism).

chuck b. said...

Love those tall Asteraceae. I got Helianthus giganteus seeds from Prairie Moon last year (if you like a tall grass prairie, get their seed catalog. Good winter reading in the cozy cabin, I'm sure) but germination was not great. Oh, well. Maybe I'll again next year.