Saturday, August 27, 2011

In The Forest Clearing

What could be nicer than to wake up with nothing that absolutely has to be done and then do whatever strikes your fancy. So I had my coffee and contemplated. Now you can imagine I have a bottomless well of choices of things to do and some times it just feels good to do something that isn't anywhere near the top of the list. It's a back handed way of goofing off.

Yes the garden has gotten bigger. Don't for a second think that means it won't keep expanding. The forest off the back stairs of the cozy cabin will be part of the garden one day and it had grown a bit messy over the summer. Today I felt like doing a little forest clearing.

The main objective at this stage of the game is to remove unwanted tree saplings, sprouting tree stumps and those vicious blackberries. It is a good time to contemplate what larger trees might need to go because of poor location or bad shape and to do light selective pruning on those that will stay.

Large parts of the garden to be will reside in what might be described as an open woodland.

I just have to open it up. Every little bit of sunlight that reaches the forest floor will be a big help to the new garden. And where I have open space I can add the plants that fall out of the ground and follow me home.

Just not things like the Stella De Boros that are now heeled in to keep them alive until they can be dumped on Sister#2. There's 20 big fat dividable clumps of these things Sis. After this you should never want for a Stella De Boro again.

I'd much prefer an ordinary zinnia any day.

The open woodland is already filled with a large assortment of native wildflowers. If I keep it open and prevent them from being shaded out, they will prosper and multiply. The garden expansion will already be half way to completion.


Lola said...

I like the way you goof off. Nice to be able to get some forest floor cleaned up a bit. It can take up some time.
Like those zinnias also.

chuck b. said...

Me too. I'll take zinnias over day lilies any day!