Friday, August 19, 2011

They Call Them Weeds

Plantago major, Common Plantain

Eurybia divaricata, White Wood Aster

A horticultural mum snuck into the foreground.

Eupatorium (Eutrochium - It seems they have changed the name) purpureum, Ageratina altissima, Rudbeckia hirta

A vast collection of weeds gather late summer color and sway in the breeze.

Lycopodium digitatum, Running-Ceder

Eupatorium or Eutrochium fistulosum

Solidago nemoralis perhaps, one of several species present.

Ironweed, Vernonia novaboracensis

Where some people only see weeds
I dream

Of the garden to be.

Filled with raw materials. Only needing a little more selection and organization.


Lola said...

I have seen your "weeds" & thought them pretty even as a child. I think they are natures beauty for this time of yr.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That plantain is healthy looking. It is so big. The plantain in my garden is in the lawn so it is mowed to a short height. You have plenty of raw material here for waves of color. Dream on.