Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No Freeze

They were wrong. It did not freeze. The lowest it got was 35 degrees on the first night. My baby Japanese maples are very thankful for that.

I covered the baby Japanese maples on the first night, not on the second, even though it felt colder with the wind. Last year they took a beating and never recovered to fully leaf out. I did not want them to start off another year in a brutalized condition.

So all is well in the wild cultivated gardens. My crypto-lawn in the cabin side bed made of sedges, yarrow, buttercups, blue-eyed grass, liatris and other a sundry wildlings is filling in for the season. I should be seeing cleome seedlings soon.

The bluebells are having a very good year. There has been plenty of cool and cold, but this is one of the few years they have not been snowed upon or iced once they began to bloom.

The Lady Slipper orchid has a flower bud this year.  It also has three stalks instead of two. Barring some trauma it could bloom

The early azaleas have begun. This is also one of the few years this pink deciduous azalea has not been frozen in bloom.

The bluebells are having a very good year. I do my best, but the camera really can't show what the whole of the ridge top garden looks like awash in bluebells. It is quite amazing.

Coming soon, the rhododendrons, the up coming warm should set them off.

There are a number of warm up azaleas.

Hundreds of iris are budding out. A few have started to bloom.

Thank goodness it didn't freeze. Last year most of the iris bloom was turned to mush.

The bluebells are having a very good year.

The dwarf crested iris in sunnier locations is now in full bloom. Plenty more are close behind in the shadier places.

Well my Bleeding Heart survived the winter. The plant looks great. It is being very stingy with the blooms though. Something went wrong with the flower buds. Oh well, there is always next year when the plant should be even bigger.

The rhododendron, hundreds of iris, dozens of peonies, and all kinds of minor players with a carpet of wild phacelia weaving through it all will be peaking in another 10 days or so, right on schedule, just like I had planned for the garden bloggers visit last year. Oh well, I tried.


Swimray said...

There was a chance of frost last night here, too, and it did not happen. You have lots more potential for damage, though -- I never saw iris blooms freeze!

Lola said...

So glad it did not freeze. Blooms are beautiful. The Spring time is coming along.

Sallysmom said...

The cats make a good backdrop for the iris.

Gaia Gardener: said...

The bluebells are stunning in that photo showing drifts of them in the woods. I can only imagine what an entire landscape filled with them must be like.

It's been an odd spring - I lost my early iris and my late daffodil blooms to a late freeze. On the plus side, we've had good moisture after 2 years of horrible, soul-sucking drought.

lh said...

So sorry the Bloom didn’t happen on schedule for the bloggers last year. But so happy for you that this year is turning out to be different. Gardeners have to learn patience, among other traits. Thanks for your always-inspiring posts.
Lois, Zone 5-ish