Saturday, May 4, 2013

Redbuds, Yellow Mustard And Broken Crockery

It's another misty, rainy, windy and cool weekend, not good for being out in the garden for long. There is a flood watch coming up next. I went to town to do some errands to avoid being cooped up all day. There was no rush, so I stopped and took a few pictures along the scenic byway.

This redbud tree was a sapling once.

A field in waiting for the time to plant is lined in brilliant yellow.

Who sees weeds and who sees wildflowers?

The cool mist kept at it. The real rain just wasn't happening. The wind had ebbed down a notch. What the heck. I put on my long underwear and went out to garden.

First I transplanted my Birdfoot Violet, Viola pedata, to a sunnier location. It had been nagging me ever since I read this violet likes full sun. It's former home was close to where I wanted to put the new broken crockery. While I was there I started digging a shelf for the cracked pot. It kept misting. I kept going.

The cracked pot was placed just above a clump of Hakonechloa macra, Japanese Forest Grass, that has done absolutely nothing but survive in the four or five years since it was planted. There were two. The voles ate the other one.

I planted my new Tiarella just inside the opening of the pot and my two new Aruncus dioicus, Goat's Beard, were planted above the pot. The white bloom spikes of these new plants will draw the eye to the submerged vessel. I expect these new native additions to actually prosper in this environment.

The Objets d' art accumulate. The mental battle of is it junk, is it kitsch, is it folk art, is it real art, wages on. My West Asheville examples tell me go all out or don't bother. I'm well on my way .... to becoming a roadside attraction. Five dolla. You can come look closer.

A real garden grows to become a botanical attraction. Golden Ragwort currently sweeps across my planting field. I see a wildflower. It will only be weeded when it is in the way.


Lola said...

Rainy, misty, cool here also. Good sleeping weather.
Love the first pic. Is it occupied? Great place for the new art. Looks as tho it's been there forever. All I see is blooming flowers that glow with beauty.

Sallysmom said...

Love that redbud. Some years back a redbud "grafted" itself to a peach tree at my mom's house. It was gorgeous when they both were in bloom. I wish I had taken a picture of them.

Christopher C. NC said...

No Lola that old farm house is empty. It's on the same lot as a newer red brick house.

Now that is interesting Sallysmom. natural self grafting. I guess I have seen that when tree branches join. Usually both trees are still there though.

Garden Broad said...

I see wildflowers, art, and some very enjoyable photography!

beverly said...

I too see wildflowers (I actually grow ragwort), and I love your cracked pot source! I should try that with my local nursery!
Ain't spring grand?

Les said...

I've come to really appreciate the blooms on mustard and its relatives. I was told once to cut them off to make the foliage last longer, but I don't always listen to what I have been told.