Saturday, May 18, 2013

The First Haircut

I have worn defined paths through the garden becoming by deliberately sticking to them as I wander slowly through. After a full week of warm and ample rain, the Lush was trying to close off my paths. It was time for the first haircut before visitors arrive.

The two main goals are to have paths that will lead you through the garden and to keep the stone creations from being swallowed whole. I want to keep them visible through the time of vegetation.

What good is a snake in the grass if you don't see it until it is too late?

This path clearing also defines the planting areas of the tall flower meadow. What will be kept short like a lawn and what will be allowed to grow tall? In time I can see the shapes of the taller planting areas becoming more defined and not so remnant like. My cultivation and definition of the tall flower meadow is still a work in progress. Each year I make more headway.

This will do for the first haircut. The time to concentrate on thug removal has arrived. That and keeping all the baby shrubberies from being ensnared by the Lush.

This is my first ever Yellow Lady's Slipper orchid, Cypripedium pubescens. Actually, the client who gave this to me insisted it was gift for my mother. I was a good boy and planted it in her garden. I can visit it and coo over it anytime.

This is such a perfect orchid, a cold hardy, long lived, clumping perennial that grows in the ground and needs no special attention at all. Perfect for the wild cultivated gardens. I hope it makes babies.

Tomorrow I will do some path defining in the ridge top gardens. The sunny utility meadow was done this afternoon. My morning was spent in the roadside vegetable garden sowing all kinds of seeds. I need to go buy peppers and tomatoes NOW. Our last frost has past and there is no time to waste. The season of vegetation only lasts half the year.

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