Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why Wait

I was in Indian Paintbrush territory today and stopped to gather a few more. They are on a steep road embankment under utility lines that was recently clear cut and regularly sprayed. I don't feel bad about relocating them to a safer environment.

The new ones were planted on the same slope as the others, further down slope in a bit more sun. Mine are smaller than the new ones. It could be an elevation, later growth thing or other site conditions. My Lush on this slope is much shorter at the moment compared to where they came from.

There are two small patches that returned. Now there will be four. More seeds makes for faster production of this annual or biennial wild flower. Too bad it isn't a perennial. Annuals really have to like it here to get a viable population going.

Now that I have remembered they are basically annuals, it is no wonder I didn't see them come back right away. The ones that showed up this year must be from seed. That is a good sign.

There can't be any waiting when it comes to the roadside vegetable garden. The time to plant is NOW. We are on a schedule in this zone. No dawdling allowed.

My first sowing of greens were mostly snowed out. Very little came up when conditions were right. I reseeded and spiked the rows. There are certain creatures who slink about the premises that find bare dirt makes the best place for deposits. The spikes have kept them out. I wish they would keep slugs out too.

I went to the Big Box to buy my peppers and tomatoes and was shocked, shocked I tell you, to see most of the tomatoes were $6 a pop. I needed 20. No way. No how. Hiding in the back racks were smaller four packs of tomatoes for half that price. They only had hot peppers left and we don't do hot peppers. The racks were pretty bare and the aisles were full of vegetable aficionados, the ones smart enough to wait until the chance of frost has past. Or maybe they were all replacing what got zapped. I'll have to go back after the next delivery and stop in at my local independent nursery for peppers.

My sweet potato slips were ordered a while back. Shipment was set to begin on May 20th. I am ready for their arrival.

After a late start, the roadside vegetable garden is on for the season.


Heaven Scent said...

Hi Christopher!
Looking good! I love those Indian Paintbrush.

Lola said...

Love those Paintbrushes. A good day for planting so I'll try to get my bush beans in the ground. Doctor app. first tho. Other above ground producers too.

Carol said...

Yes, $6 for a tomato plant is highway robbery. I grew all mine from seed. Wish I could ship some extras.

Sallysmom said...

I found a African Parrot Gladiola (Gladiolus dalenii) blooming on the side of my road. BTW, I live on a country road. Well, I posted on Facebook that I was tempted to dig one of the corms up before the mowers got there. I was slammed by someone about it so I deleted my post.

beverly said...

6 bucks for a tomato plant! Good grief. Next you need a greenhouse. (: Down here on the coastal plain, my tomatoes just went in too. It's been a cold spring. Try "Big Bertha' pepper; great yield and they turn red fast; I've grown them for 3 years now. Home Depot often has them.