Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Clean Slate

Is it odd that the satisfaction I am getting from burning up all the rubbish piles in the ridge top garden borders on euphoria?  For all these years I have had to photograph around them. There were so many it was often a challenge. Now there are only two left, one at each end of the garden. I'll burn them up soon.

My maintenance gardener self is loving this clean slate and the unobstructed views across the garden without countless ugly brown hairballs of sticks marring things. I just know the wild cultivated garden can be more civilized and still be wild.

Bulbarella may not recognize her garden when she returns in the spring. It will be the cleanest she has ever seen it. I was burning up stuff that had been piled up for 25 years. Black Locust doesn't rot. More Lamium has been sprayed to clear more ground. The chop and drop of the dead perennials has begun. There are going to be all kinds of places for infill.

There really is a great deal of wasted space inside the borders of the garden. All it needed was to be cleaned up. If I start burning or tossing all the stacked up log sections there will be even more vacant space.

It is so much better without the rubbish piles. This is probably the first time I have ever taken a picture from this vantage point. Now the slate must be kept clean. I'm thinking just two permanent burn piles now. The question becomes where?

On the last day, high on the low spot, a fresh clean slate is being readied for spring.


Lola said...

Cleaning that slate is a good thing. I liked to do that too when there. In a few minutes it will be another yr to start all over. Hope it will be a good one for you.

Christopher C. NC said...

Happy New Year Lola. I hope you have a great year too.