Sunday, August 10, 2014

Almost Over

The chicory is winding down. By late summer it has bloomed itself to exhaustion. Don't I know about that. It will get deadheaded, not to encourage more bloom, but to remove the icky dying stems before the next bloom display arrives.

Gardy don't deadhead. In a tall flower meadow that would truly be insane. The chicory in the roadside bed is the only thing that gets cut down before the annual chop and drop of the entire garden.

Echinops bannaticus is hiding in there. Its days may be numbered as the grasses continue to expand and take over. The Echinops has been a rather meek perennial for me. A previous transplanting did not go well and casting seed around has resulted in one plant and lots of three year old seedlings. I'd say it needs more elbow room and less competition to thrive. I'm short on that in the wild cultivated gardens.

The Serviceberries are turning red. Change is in the air.

But it isn't over until the tall flower meadow explodes in to bloom. There is still plenty more to come.

I weed whacked the paths today to get ready.

It's nice to be able to get up close and personal with the flowers. Clematis stans needs to be seen up close to fully appreciate it.

The paths are open in the tall flower meadow. Floppage has been reduced. I can stroll the grounds with my morning coffee in comfort. It is head high now, even higher for short people. Walking through the garden now is an intimate experience with another realm of existence.

The human made small by wildness.

The color explosion is coming. It could make some heads spin. I keep adding and editing for more.


Lola said...

Good to weed whack. I need to do some of that. Love your flowers. I sure miss that.

Lola said...

Do you do anything with the service berries?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola we definitely have the wild flowers in this part of the world. No I don't use the Serviveberries. I'd have to look them up just to know if they were edible.