Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Went To Asheville

For the two day Speaking of Gardening seminar at the NC Arboretum.

There was a full schedule of speakers on a lot of interesting and plant lust inducing topics. Jenks Farmer was one of them. I bought his new book which I doubt I will get to reading until the snow starts falling. I resisted buying any plants. It was tough. I now also have a whole list of gardens to visit in Columbia, SC next time I drive through which happens every year.

I will not be growing any cold hardy cacti and succulents in pots that can be left out in the winter. I will not. I will not do it. I will not. At least I don't think I will. They might look good on the basement patio when I get that done. Thanks a lot Panayoti Kelaidis.

They kept us busy so there wasn't a whole lot of time to tour the Arboretum's gardens. Then at the end of day one I headed to Fairegarden East due to a plea to yank the dreaded Asian invasion, Clematis terniflora, the near identical cousin of my native clematis nemesis, before it was to late. It appears that I have an Asheville job for a bit while Fairegarden shuffles her life around.

Then on day two I slipped away for a spell to go to Wamboldtopia's open garden day and blowout art sale.

Wamboldtopia is for sale. There is no way of knowing how much longer I will be able to visit. I go when the chance arises.

It is still a magical and ever changing tapestry of art and garden.

Quite a bit of the art that is Wamboldtopia will stay with the buyer. It can't really be moved or sold. If you want a Bathtub Angel you will have to make your own.

My favorite little Anti Gnomes always make me chuckle inside.

It was a quick visit then back to the Arboretum for the rest of the seminar.

Back home in the wilderness a tall flower meadow has been gaining more color.

I did not resist buying some of Damaris' art. Several pieces of Wamboldtopia's mana came home to Ku'ulei A'ina.

Which is looking incredible right now.

And there is still so much more left to bloom.

So many other gardens are winding down. Mine is still aiming towards the end of season blowout.

It's not like I planned to have the really big show at the end of summer and into the fall.

Nature had a big say in the matter.

I didn't resist. It's more like I am an enabler.

I stand on the front porch and gaze over this kaleidoscope of color in awe. Some how I made this happen. The unedited section at the lower boundary line is still completely green.

And I am not done editing.


Lola said...

I'm glad you had a good time. Travel is good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my dear friend.

Rebecca said...

An ENABLER! Now there's a word for what I've done this season. Nothing more.

Next year, perhaps I'll actually CREATE, TEND, NURTURE. This summer, my husband is the one who has done whatever of these three have been done...

Danna said...

The NC Arboretum has nothing on you......I like your garden better!

Sallysmom said...

Oh, my, I love, love the gnome being carried off. I wish I lived close enough to get that.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are so lucky to be able to get to the symposium and then to Wamb... I loved that garden and all the art in it.

beverly said...

It's great you have a 'control garden' to compare to and to emphasize what you really have accomplished! It looks wonderful! I think an end of summer peak is so much more interesting than in spring, gives you something to look forward to.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it was a nice break.

You are most welcome Fairegarden.

Rebecca there is too much ground and not enough time to do all the editing I'd like and I have a very hard time being ruthless with any thing that blooms. I always think, I'll yank it later after it goes to seed.

Danna the NC Arboretum sure has a bigger budget than me. I think they should spend some of it on water though.

Sallysmom I came home with three pieces and Damaris hadn't even begun to pull things from the garden itself to sell.

Lisa it is a special one of a kind place. I hope the right buyer finds it.

Bev except for some spot spraying by the utility company the 'control garden' has not been touched. I have been telling people to look at it to get an idea of what the whole garden used to look like before I started editing. It is an impenetrable mass of vines and thorns.