Thursday, August 21, 2014

As I Wander

When the weather permits I walk next door to supper. I never walk fast. I amble. I try to leave a few minutes early since I move so slow. Not that it matters. Dinner will still be there when I arrive.

The Southern Harebell, Campanula divaricata has finally appeared. I have been looking for months, not remembering when it bloomed. This is a rare native wild flower in that there are only two or three of them that I have found and they do not appear to multiply with any vigor.

You have to walk slow to find some things.

Going back home I don't move any faster. As the light grows softer and the colors intensify, I start to see jungle foliage through the eyes of Henri Rousseau.

I see a humble abode through the older eyes of Claude Monet.

I can't draw worth a toot, but that idea still comes. I should at least try. Is there a painting in me trying to get out?

There is a quiet moment in the roadside bed when the flowers are few and the texture of the grasses dominate. In quiet moments I dream of other things.


Lola said...

I dream of it all. Pretty flowers to greet a person each day.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are an artist, your canvas is your garden. You should try a painting. You never know unless you try.

Rebecca said...

Yes, it appears there IS a painter inside you! Why don't you invite artists to bring their easels and set up alongside you in the lush! I'm SURE it would be a most welcome invitation....

Danna said...

Just love the Southern Harebells in pic 2. Do you think 'Grass Root Gardens' would ever have any of it?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola about four months of the year abundant amounts of flowers are but a dream.

That's what I think Lisa. I may suck, but I won't know unless I try.

Rebecca that is a very interesting idea. I heard there was an artist painting in one of the gardens for the tour.

Danna that is a plant not likely to be found in any nursery. Mail order may the best way to go and that is still iffy.