Sunday, September 18, 2016

Before Blessed Rain

I woke up to cloudy and a promising diagnosis. Will today be the day? Will it finally rain?

Cloudy makes for good picture taking of the Tall Flower Meadow waiting the arrival of a wave of blue asters.

The asters have been arriving in a state of dry hesitation, a few here and there, others looking parched to forget it dead brown.

Joe Pye is fading. That is to be expected no matter the moisture conditions. The fade works well with the blue.

Will it rain enough for the asters to rehydrate and finish the show?

I wait as the clouds roll by.

First there was mist.

Sprinkles followed. I will be needing more than that. It is still bone dry beneath the trees.

An hour later it was raining enough to roll off the roof and make sound. Better.

And so it continued for another six hours, a gentle rain perfect for letting the cracked earth relearn how to absorb a foreign substance.

Bless the rain. Let there be asters.


Jan O said...

I'm so glad about the gentle rain. In western Missouri we recently have received some nice rain, and I hoped the bounty would make its way to you all.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yay for rain. I bet your asters will pop now. My asters are in that state of waiting too.