Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fog Is Water

And one can hope that drought stressed plants are capable of reverse transpiration and can suck up water through the leaves, otherwise they will have to wait until the dew drops for a drink. At the least there were a couple of hours of respite from the ongoing desiccation.

Fog makes a fine cloaking device for loose cows too. Cow farmer number two was up on the byway this morning looking for his still missing cows.

"The utility company dropped stuff all over my fence and busted it. I called and had a few words with them."

"I had a few words with them too. Come back in November. You are not squashing my garden now."

I think my neighbor across the byway called and had a few words with them as well. This morning I noticed they must have come back on Monday and picked up and chipped most of the giant mess they left along one side of his driveway.

Fog or not I am on the lookout for more loose cows.

The crispiness continues and I am beginning to resign myself to a new experience for the end of season Tall Flower Meadow. It's never the same from year to year. I just haven't done super dry yet. That's all.

I managed to delay the gardens being pressed back into the earth closer to the regular time. That was a major accomplishment. I will learn to be content with dry and perky.

There isn't much difference in look between freeze dried and drought dry. One process is just slower and more random then the other.

Can you see a cow in there?

I asked the universe for rain, not cows. Today I got fog and invisible cows. I'm halfway there.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

It has been foggy here too. Thankfully no cows here though. Also no rain here. Bah humbug.