Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dry Blue Froth

It was another full week without rain. Last Sunday's moisture took the sharp edge off. It did nothing to abate the drought. The crispiness has settled in permanently for some.

With time running short, the asters that can have begun to bloom anyway. Symphyotrichum oblongifolium is a new addition.  It was given a bit of supplemental water. I hope it proves drought tolerant. It was planted on the driest, sunniest slope I have.

The Tatarian Aster got some of the wettest ground I have along the border of the Great Lawn.

This is the first bloom and I am seeing the first signs of multiplication. The jury is still out on if it will be thuggish enough to effectively compete without my assistance. Life in the Tall Flower Meadow does not compare to a proper perennial border.

A dry blue froth has begun to spread through the garden.

It could be my imagination, but the Blue Wood Aster, Symphyotrichum cordifolium, seems paler in color this year. Does dry make for pale blue? The color range in individual aster species can be all over the blue, lilac, pink to occasionally white range. It can get confusing.

The melon harvest begins. I planted cantaloupe and this is some of what I got. I have magic dung. Today I harvested sacks of butternut, delicata and acorn squash. There has been no sighting of anything remotely resembling a cantaloupe.

Word is a change is coming tomorrow. Rain may be involved. I sure hope ample rain is involved. Then it is going to get cold, as in lows in the upper forties cold with highs in the low seventies. It is about time September arrived.

There are a few weeks left for a wet, deep blue froth while the Tall Flower Meadow still stands. The threats continue unabated. My goal is to make it last until the barbarian tree trimmers return in November.

The few monarchs I see each season are passing through. A perky meadow makes for more visitors and better viewing.

They're back. This is the third, most likely the fourth time in less than two weeks that the same bunch of cows has been loose and the second time they have plowed their way through Bulbarella's garden. It is obvious they are looking for fresh forage. Either deliberately or by clear negligence the owner is letting them run loose. I called again then chased them back towards home and barricaded their entry points.

The utility meadows are the next fresh forage in line. If they get cow stomped before the tree trimmers arrive I will be pissed. Three times the owner has been told his cows are loose and roaming the mountain. That is ample notice.

It was a long, hot and dry day at my construction site plant rescue. It was also most peaceful and productive. No one was there to bother me and the plants were still intact. I took it as a very good sign that the swirling cluster of negativity was passing. It was not to be.

I came home to read a note by her brother on a dear friend's from Maui FB page that she has passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. I was stunned and heartbroken. She was ten years younger than me. How could this be? I will so miss her warrior spirit, quick wit and our playful banter online.

E ho Ľomaha me ka maluhia, my dear sweet Kristin. Your spirit will be greatly missed.

Then the cows came back.

Word is a change is coming tomorrow. Please let it be so. Let the swirling energies be cleansed and made new.

It looks so nice out there from my front porch. I'm still thinking it might be safer to stay home until I am sure the swirling mess has passed.


Dana Foerster said...

The Asters are beautiful!! I'm trying to save them to my "Gallery"....I've saved your pics before...just have to get the downloading sequence back in my head.

Those poor cows are probably starving....their owner is definitely negligent!!

Lisa Greenbow said...

Your garden looks great despite the drought. We are getting rain this morning. Like you I am hoping for some relief from the dry hot spell. My asters were barely blooming. I hope this rain brings on the blooms.
Too bad there is no recourse for the cow problem. Grrrrrrrrrr
I am so sorry to hear of loss of your friend. Big hugs.