Friday, September 23, 2016

My Nerves

Is it a rule of construction that shrubberies should be mangled just enough to get them out of the way? Is the idea of cutting them back with a sharp tool out of the question? What did they do, send in a herd of cows?

The gardener can get annoyed and tired at times of cleaning up the mess left by totally thoughtless people. The gardener would be fine with and happy if he was asked, could you get this out of our way before we start making a mess.

My nerves. There are swirling messes all around me. When they arrive in big clusters it gets overwhelming. But this too shall pass.

Right now I would settle for the drought going away. On an evening stroll it was looking like it was digging in deeper.

Then I heard a gun shot and turkeys squawking right above me on the scenic byway. Then the truck drove on by. A-hole. Try using your damn horn to get the turkeys off the road. There are people around here. Drive by shootings of turkeys. What's next?

 My nerves.

Tomorrow I am going to a construction site in the middle of a drought to remove and rescue plants to prepare for exterior remodeling and near future re-landscaping. I clearly stated when I would be able to do this. I do not trust that when I get there the plants won't already be mangled and stomped on.

I hope all the construction worker dudes have tomorrow off and I can work in peace. My nerves are already frayed.

There is a big ol' swirling cluster out there. I think it would be safer to stay home.


Sallysmom said...

Totally had days (or weeks) like that. :(

beverly said...

Read the last two posts at once and had to laugh (or grimace). You are having quite a time down there in the rural south! Interesting about the Tatarian aster - it is a thug once it gets going, at least here on the coastal plain.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom it seems like once or twice a year there are these negative energy spells. The loose cows are what is putting me over the edge because I am forced to deal with someone else's problem.

Bev laughter is the best option. I hope the Tatarian Aster is thuggish enough to compete. I want it to replace the super tall and floppy New England Aster.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Sounds like there is a big Cluster F... going on in your area. Hang in there. I hope your rescue goes well today.