Friday, September 2, 2016

Demanding Attention

From the first daffodils to the first snow, the focus of attention is constantly moving with the seasons in the three acres of wild cultivated gardens. The sunny utility meadows are center stage right now.

There have been an unusual number of folks asking about a certain bicycle in a tree this past week even though it isn't really visible from the byway during the time of vegetation. I have been encountering a number of regular commuters. My bicycle must be the talk of two counties.

Just because the sunny utility meadows are in full bloom and grabbing most of the attention doesn't mean I forget about the shaded parts of the garden. I spotted some Doll's Eye, Actaea pachypoda, in my travels this week. How could I not notice that.

I am constantly on the lookout primarily for native plants that will make good additions to the shade garden. Four eyes followed me home and were seeded into the garden. Now I am thinking of asking permission to relocate the plant since I know it exists under precarious circumstances.

The big grasses are also late season performers. They have enough height and substance to rise above the meadow before they even bloom.

It takes some heft to compete with my six to eight foot tall blooming weeds.

The grasses will be blooming shortly. I'm sure if I look close the bloom stems are already rising inside. They will then demand more attention from the passersby. When all else is gone, those dried stems will stand through the winter continuing to demand attention in the barren time.

The Tall Flower Meadow has my attention now. There have been a few sips of much needed rain in the last couple of days. That is a good thing for the asters.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good that they have something to talk about.