Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Living Inside A Painting

The phone has been dead for a week.

It rained hard in the night and through the morning and a miracle happened. The phone came back to a life of static.

But there was no electric power when I woke up and I stayed home in the thunder and rain.

The view from the front porch would have to do.

And it did.

I am living inside a painting.

That shifted character with the passing storm and changing light.

My attachment is frayed on numerous levels. AT+T has decided it is my house phone wires, not theirs, an out of the blue sudden collapse of my wires that coincided with my FCC complaint.

I checked days ago. They were fine. I did nothing. Then it rained hard and a miracle happened. The phone came back to sputtering life.

I sat inside a painting with no power.

Untethered, entering the Twilight Zone.

Until the sun came out and the phone went dead again.


Barry said...

Mr. Monet or perhaps Ms. Cassatt could capture the surrounding beauty. I have the same dilemma of phone wire malfunctions in rain. Centurylink's technician refuses to enter the crawlspace, even though I dutifully pay the monthly "LineSaver" fee. It may be time to hire an independent lineman.

Sallysmom said...

What is the beautiful yellowish tree?

Christopher C. NC said...

Barry if it is your wire past their junction box on the house, it is your problem. I would demand a refund on that line saver charge though.

Sallysmom I really should walk over there and look to be sure since my first choice I now know is wrong. Now I am thinking it is a birch