Sunday, November 26, 2017

More Under Garden

I so appreciate a cloudless morning on my day off.

I have the chance to sit and watch the morning show as the sun comes over the mountain.

On work days I have to leave just as it is getting started. Plus I have the chance to sit and wait while and if it is going to attempt warmish before beginning my day.

When I was ready and with the correct number of layers, more chop and drop was done to expose the far edges of the Under Garden.

The  garden of winter is here.

Light and shade, snow and frost, wind and wet, the elements and the garden are set to play.

I have a front row seat ....... and a list of chores when there is a day off and an attempt is made at warmish.

I did go for a late afternoon stroll just to see. I saw a big holly in full berry. I haven't seen the flocks of robins yet. When I do, the berries will be no more.

There is plenty more chop and drop to do. I have all winter, no rush. I certainly don't want to cut down the morning show. That section can wait for the crushing snow.

Now is the time of the Under Garden. It is rather tidy compared to the time of the Lush. My maintenance gardener self approves.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I too approve.

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Lisa. It only took ten years to get to this. Going to be interesting to watch the Under Garden grow.