Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Winter of Monet

It rained all day. December has been generous with a great number of days for sitting still. My body has earned it, testing the waters of decrepitude.

I never tire of the view and time to ponder.

The Under Garden is.

And it is all a blur. The Under Garden was turning Monet. My self diagnosis was confirmed. I have two kinds of senile cataracts. Senile? The left eye is bad. I am in the system now for new eyeballs by spring.

I have not had much of an idea at all what the pictures on this blog clearly look like for the last year. Nobody complained so I kept at it.

I've been living inside a painting with Monet's eyes under unknown influences.

Once just notions that bubbled up from the subconscious have taken concrete and growing form. There was no big picture. A line took me for a walk. The big picture made itself visible. Who knew?

This will have to be remembered as the winter of Monet, though my line took a slightly different turn.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The magic of automatic focus on the camera helps us all. Your pictures are fine. It sounds like it is high time you got your cataracts done. Easy peasy. I say as so many of my contemporaries have had it done. Just follow doctors orders. :) I have often wondered if Monet had cataracts. Funny how we all love his fuzzy paintings.

C. C. said...

Will be interested to hear about your surgery, if you decide to post it here. I'm due but trying to put it off until I reach Medicare age.

The rain-washed photos are gorgeous.

Christopher C. NC said...

Wiki says Monet had cataracts Lisa. I'm getting my new eyeballs now while I still can.

CC I have had normal vision all my life and I find the blurriness and extreme sun sensitivity of the cataract debilitating and mentally exhausting. It had gotten worse over the last year. I'm not waiting. I want my good eyes back.