Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Erection

In the chicory mornings

A stirring assembled.

A form began to rise.

A friend had two walls and a floor. He needed to make them go away. Everybody knows I need a shed.

He would give me that and help me build it, if I just bought the rest of the parts.

The hardest part is getting started. I sure needed a shed. I couldn't look this gift shed in the mouth. And the weekend was open.

It was erected. The door is under contemplation.

Let me just say, this wasn't how my father and I built my house. After my builder left I went over it with my OCD. Because. The methods may have been wildly different, but this shed has turned out very square and solid. It is a mighty fine shed.

I sat by an open window resting
As lightning and thunder roiled directly overhead
Just as my body insisted I sit
A direct strike landed very close by

There was more intense noise than water.

I have never had a shed to take anyone behind before
The Taj-ma Shack Airbnb
Roof, siding, door, window?
How about tile floors?
What will it be?

My body kept insisting I needed shed rest.
I ambled slowly up to the roadside.
The gardens don't need me.
They are on their own now.

The meadows have entered a peak bloom spike of summer.

Even the roadside vegetable garden doesn't need me right now.
There will be some fine produce.
I set things in motion.
But the vegetables must grow like the wild things.

I go with the flow.


Marsha M said...

Very nice shed. Hope you don't need to take anyone behind it. And stay off the hillside while the lightning plays. Your garden is amazing.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a gift! plus help!! It is looking good to me. I know it will stand. Be careful out in that lightening. Stop smoking!

Sallysmom said...

The shed is looking good!

beverly said...

GAK. Don't tell me you smoke. I know very few gardeners who smoke. I have autopsied people who smoke. End of rant.