Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Across the Street from the Bug Test
In The Big City

The View from my Future Front Porches
In The Country

Wired Prayer - Image by Aparina

A World Blog Debut
Driving Through America

Ironweed Looking Blue
In a Mountain Meadow

The True Shade of Ironweed

The Ironweed has captured my imagination
more than any other plant here so far.
It comes out so ethereal in closeups.


bev said...


Thanks to you and your pictures, I harvested some seed from the ironweed growing in one of the public gardens in which I volunteer. (with permission of course). I hope to duplicate this lovely native in my riverside garden in Md. Thanks, and hope you did well on the test!

Pam said...

Ironweed! Thanks for setting me straight earlier. I knew something wasn't right, but haven't looked anything up. I think they look beautiful upclose too - I have one plant but hope that it will spread around.