Sunday, January 13, 2008

Make An Offer

Just minutes from the bustling metropolitan heart of Hot Springs North Carolina, the retiring baby boomers are settling in a beautiful mountain enclave.

Some details of a custom 3/3.5 log cabin home that could be yours for the right price. The office/media room loft.

The view from one of your windows.

Joined polished logs inside.

A energy efficient wood burning stove pretending to be a conventional fireplace.

A nice corner with a big view to get comfy in on cold days.

The exterior walls of a flat faced log cabin..

Railing detail of the interior stairs.

The road for phase two of this mountain enclave works its way up and around the mountain.

This is just one of dozens of similar developments in Western North Carolina. The boomers are coming.


Lisa at Greenbow said...


Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

looks nice ,... and then... I see snow.
understanding that, I regretfully feel,
- not so much for me.

My boommer butt is going to be plopped down in some coastal village in Mexico.

Where Jose Cuervo and I can hablo with the amigos before and after siesta time.