Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Still COLD Ground

I thought I might be shovelin' some dirt today. It was fifty degrees and it rained last night. The rest of the snow across the street on the north facing slope melted away, but like a thief in the night the cold returned. Thank goodness things had time to dry before the cold settled in.

The bare ground however was froze once more in that upward position creating delicate lines in the soil.

Something has been down by the cabin recently.

That would be my shoe print. What do you think dog people out there? Have the hounds gotten loose or are the coyotes wandering about?

Could it be a big giant raccoon attracted to the pile of corn husks left by the side of the damn road. Now what type of good farmer would waste such a thing?

Really the ground was frozen and full of ice crystals. I couldn't shovel dirt today in the cold.

This water was headed towards the ground

And didn't quite make it. Got stuck in the firm grip of cold jaws.

The weather diagnosis for next week looks warmer. I'll get to shovelin' soon.


kate said...

Great photographs. To me those look like dog tracks, although they could also be wolf or coyote.

I guess shoveling dirt won't be in the cards for a spell. At least you weren't having to shovel snow.

The photograph of the water that froze in its tracks is really cool.

deb said...

Perhaps a fox?

Animal Tracks - Mammals

Frances said...

Inspiring one to think about why the soil looks like that when frozen. It is like a miniature mountain range to the tiniest creatures. We run out and check for a thaw each day to get a little accomplished before the freeze returns. It seems to be colder than normal for longer than normal this year.

chuck b. said...

I can't quite wrap my mind around the idea of "frozen ground". Frozen drinks, frozen berries, Frozen, yes. But not ground.

Whatever animal is busy digging up my crocus bulbs isn't leaving any tracks.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yep, it looks like you will be mucking around in the mud soon.