Friday, January 18, 2008

Round Two

"If you are in the mountains alone for some time--many days at minimum, and it helps if you are fasting--the forest grows tired of its wariness toward you.

It resumes its inner life and allows you to see it. Near dusk, the faces in tree bark cease hiding and stare out at you, the welcoming ones and also the malevolent, open in their curiosity.

In your camp at night, you are able to pick out a distinct word now and then from the muddled voices in creek water, sometimes an entire sentence of deep import.

The ghosts of animals reveal themselves to you without prejudice toward your humanity.

You see them receding before you as you walk the trail, their shapes beautiful and sad."
Charles Frazier Thirteen Moons

Another round of snow approaches, cold enough that it is not likely to melt with any velocity. My first fearful test drive on snow bordered roads haunted by the specter of black ice went well today, but I am prepared to stay put. The long gravel drive is not plowed unless I do it by hand with a regular flat shovel.

I have not told you the tale yet of what really lies under the hearth, at the ruins of Betsy's lone small cabin, high on top of a distant mountain.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

OOooooo Is it a spooky tale? It might be with the quote you had before the hint. I'm ready to hear it. I have heard and seen the faces before. Not often but often enough to know they are out there.

chuck b. said...

Oh, dear...

I can well imagine the forest allowing a human to enter, and not just enter, but join. I can't say that I've seen faces before.

deb said...

I see you've been forced into relaxation due to this weather. Nothing better than snuggling by the fire and reading a good book. Take a good look at Fraziers' pic in the back, he's a local and you will probably see him around.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

"The Wall" looks especially beautiful in the snow.

Hope you are acclimating to the snowy life.
You brave brave soul !

spring will be here soon enough.
but until then stay warm.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful construct.