Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh Yea, The Wall

I have been distracted by spring. When the collection of warm and sunny days started adding up enough to increase the tempo of life sprouting from the ground, I knew it was time to get busy in the gardens. It's a new phenomena for me, having a due date and expiration dates in the garden.

The old dead stuff left over from winter needed to be cleaned up before the new stuff started growing right through it. Cool season vegetables needed to be seeded. Any nice plants that might accidentally come home with me could be planted. I went into a gardening frenzy.

In Hawaii you could always plant something or clean something tomorrow.

I did get in a few hours of wall building during the gardening frenzy. The seemingly critical stuff has been done, so today I went back to the wall.

A little more than half way done I think.

In the next week or so my building contractor will be returning and work will commence on the cabin again.

Maybe I am not supposed to have a real job right now. Tomorrow I will plant some more seeds and stack some more stones.


chuck b. said...

Rock on, dude!

You better get 'er done with that wall before it heats up, eh?

chuck b. said...

Before the summer heats up, that is. The wall, it is already hot.

Christopher C. NC said...

Summer heat here is rarely 80 degrees, at least normally. Things are getting wacky though, like me thinking warm is 55 degrees. I haven' worn my long underwear in over a week and it hasn't gone over 65. There was a time not so long ago when 70 was freezing.

Cheryl said...

An online poetry & photograph magazine you might enjoy, Qarrtsiluni. The current issue is "Nature in the Cracks."


Anonymous said...

But I remember when you were sunning on the porch in Vail in 50 degree weather.

Christopher C. NC said...

Vail was several cell level body cycles ago. My new cells will come out cold hardy.

lisa said...

Sounds to me like you already have a "real job" going on right there!