Monday, April 21, 2008

The Walls Standing

My cozy little cabin is budding out.

Two more sections of wall framing were raised today.

Now that there is room on the floor, the next two sections can be built and raised.

There is a lot of rubber necking as people drive by on the highway. Soon the trees will leaf out and I will be screened from view once more.

By next spring this should be part of the view from my kitchen window.

From inside my cozy little cabin outside of Clyde.


The County Clerk said...

Big Day. Good work.

Frances, said...

Now that is a thought to feed your energy as you work on your lovely new home. The views from every window will be spectacular.

Phillip said...

Wow, it is coming along nicely.

Blackswamp_Girl said...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Go Clyde go.

Annie in Austin said...

Walls - even see-through ones - make it seem so real, Christopher. Thank you.


chuck b. said...

When you say "highway" what size of road are we talking about?

Christopher C. NC said...

The see through walls are a nice start. I look forward to the day it is rain proof. It may need a few drill holes in the floor till then.

I guess it is coming along at a good pace for just me and my elderly building contractor doing the work. It sure wears me out.

My highway is a two lane state scenic byway in the country in the mountains. It's curvy. On the weekends we get a lot of motorcycle traffic in packs.

lisa said...