Monday, July 21, 2008

Air Quality Alert

I guess they wanted to get our attention.

...Air Quality Alert in effect from 6 AM to 9 PM EDT TUESDAY...

Madison-Yancey-Swain-Haywood-Buncombe-Northern Jackson-Southern Jackson-Transylvania-Henderson

The North Carolina Division of Air Quality has issued a CODE ORANGE air quality action day for the Asheville region. An air quality action day means that ground level ozone concentrations within the region may approach or exceed unhealthy standards. For additional information, please visit the North Carolina Division of Air Quality web site at


Gordon Smith said...

BlogAsheville netizen,

See you Friday?

chuck b. said...

We've had nearly constant air quality alerts in much of California this summer due to wildfires.

Noone's mentioned ground level ozone tho'.

I guess you should walk around with your nose pointed up.

Frances, said...

We have had those alerts too, and when I walk outside I can feel it. The air is heavy as lead. If we get a little pop up thunderstorm, it is better for a short time, then returns. Yuck. I sent a link to Brokenbeat about the Ashville blogger meet up. Hope that is okay. He probably won't go anyway. Are you? I would. Hope you don't mind about that info I put up about the butterflies, it was way too pushy, but I am somewhat impulsive at times. Can't help it. ;->

Christopher C. NC said...

That would be a good affect Chuck, the haughty mountainman.

No problem Frances. I save being offended for important things on rare occasions. I will try to make it to the BlogAsheville get together. It is a warm up to a bigger blogapaloozathoncircuswingamadingdingathing in September.

The metal roof arrives on Wednesday, then I will know its true color, so if I am not wore out, I want to go to the blog thing.

Frances, said...

Hi again, Christopher. I hope your metal has arrived for your roof. It is always fun to get materials delivered and ready to go. And thanks for not being mad, you are the kind of friend I need, one that can overlook my annoying quirks, thanks for having that kind of patient laidbackness.

lisa said...

I really never would have imagined you would have air-quality warnings THERE, but I guess there's no escaping pollution. Bummer.