Saturday, July 26, 2008

On The Fringe Of Art

A Door With Red Trim

BlogAsheville is a community blog that acts as a central link hub for any and all bloggers in WNC. The BlogAsheville meet and greet was a way for bloggers to step out of cyberspace, network and press the flesh. In a way this event was held on newly hallowed ground.

John Payne, a well respected and highly regarded local metal sculptor was a pioneer of the River Arts District and owner of the Wedge Building were the blogger get together was held. He passed away just last week.

His work which greeted me as I entered the space got my mind to thinking. "Don't be so timid with your plans for the metal part of the entry gate." Not that they were all that timid, but they sure were not this big and bold.

The River Arts District is a re-purposing of abandoned warehouse and commercial buildings along the French Broad River in Asheville. I was intrigued. I want to see more.

I talked with some interesting fellow bloggers while I was there.
Kristy of Stoplight Haiku and Liminal Screeds.
Susan of Recovering Iowan.
Felicity, the reigning BlogAsheville Queen, crowned at last years Blogapaloozafestivalthinga mado and writer of the Hangover Journals.
No blog happening would happen perhaps, with out the main instigator, Gordon of Scrutiny Hooligans.
I did not have a chance to speak with him, but the Zen of Zenography was there. I like his work.

I did get a nice people shot, but I am loathe to post pictures of people without their consent. This incredible metal work by John Payne will have to do.

Still just a little outside, I lurk on the fringe of what Asheville culture has to offer.

Every time I peek over the wall, I see something fascinating in its own way.


chuck b. said...

Asheville looks and sounds like tremendous fun.

lisa said...

I really like the metal art...makes me want to buy a welder (if it weren't for my propensity for injury! ;-)