Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lily Gilding

Through the magic of the internet I can place a lily from Client #1's down in Clyde in the same post as lilies from Bulbarella's garden way up on top of the mountain. The internet and gardening blogs in particular are proving to have their own kind of magic.

An internet invitation was accepted and yesterday we were visited by Siria and her husband Tom for a garden tour. It was a really enjoyable evening getting to know our neighbors from over the mountain. Bulbarella's comment was that having me here has improved their social life. I think too that the resident gardeners are quite pleased to be able to show off their beloved garden to an appreciative audience for the second time this year. This time the weather cooperated.

Despite my current laughable stereotype of the grown son living in his parent's basement, alone and typing furiously away on the computer, it is not an exercise in futile isolation. The garden blogging world and the BlogAsheville world leads to real and genuine people. More is created than the posts on this blog.

500 and some odd holes have been pre-drilled through the panels of the metal roof to make fastening it down on a steep pitch less taxing. Rain however is putting a kink in the works. We want a dry roof before we cover it over.

But you have seen the roof and the house colors. I showed the style of flooring I want. Now some of you are ready to move on. Kitchens and bathrooms come to mind.

This glass tile, Pearl will be the main decorative element of the to be determined, white tile walls inside the glass block shower.

This glass tile, Inkwell will be the backsplash above the to be determined solid surface Corian type of kitchen countertop.

A vase filled with lilies would look good next to both of these.

Or a vase filled with gladiolas.

And sunsets like these are a great way to end a garden tour with the neighbors from over the mountain.


Siria said...

Christopher, What a wonderful time Tom and I had meeting you and your parents. The love and dedication that has gone into this majical mountaintop retreat was evident everywhere! Your blog is awesome, but seeing the gardens and your cabin in person was truly incredible. Thank you for having us and sharing your garden with us!

Too bad these computers do not have "smell vision" because the fragrance of your Mom's lily was beautiful. Tell her I went to BB Barnes today and bought a few plants for my garden. I almost bought one of those gorgeous lilies except it didn't smell like hers so I decided I would wait and try to find one that did elsewhere.
Thanks again!!!

Christopher C. NC said...

You are very welcome Siria. It was a pleasure for us as well.

Frances, said...

How fun, Christopher and Siria, and a trip to BB Barnes is always a treat. Sigh, I love the nurseries in Asheville. Rheems Creek is the other must see spot. Your sparkly tiles are wonderful, I love them both. We have corian, you must be getting tired of this sentence that begins with 'I have the same thing as you'. We never decided on the tile type for the backsplash so it is just painted. I really like your choice but it might be too dark for the corian we have, it is called silt, kind of a gray/green/brown mix. Boy does it wear well though, and they gave me a cutting board from the piece cut out for the sink. You must let us know your color choices, we await breathlessly. The lilies are so wonderful, a vase of them or the glads would be so uplifting. If only Hazel didn't eat all the flowers that come into our house...