Friday, July 25, 2008

High Drama

In High Summer

Client #1's is in its full summer regalia.

I still find it strange that three months ago a completely different extravagant carpet of spring bulbs and iris ruled.

What was dead brown twigs and bare earth is now a two to four foot tall cacophony of bloom.

A little touch of royalty looks on.


chuck b. said...

That is a lot of Rudbeckia.

chuck b. said...

Imagine all those roots in the soil, and bulbs and irises too.

Frances, said...

Are those gardens so wonderful because of your work? Of course they are!

Christopher C. NC said...

Chuck this is very much a multi-tasking garden with many layers. I will say I have been disappointed with the annuals/perennials I have planted as summer filler where needed. Without irrigation in a drought they are very slow to establish and grow. No pesticides are allowed and fresh from the nursery plants are generally bug candy. The new stuff just sits there and gets chewed on and I am so used to it taking off and growing like crazy, even though I didn't use pesticides in Hawaii either.

Frances it is safe to say the garden looks better this year because of me.

lisa said...

I just emptied the castings from my worm bin and amended plants with them-results were nearly instantaneous, I even thought I heard a collective "cheer"! Maybe you need some high-octane amendments for those "sleepers".