Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Wiggle In Creation

I have seen many pictures of rocks stacked just leaning against each other in a number of different ways and always liked that look. I thought I would give it a try. Now granted the pretty rock pictures I saw had nice fancy squared off rocks, not like the irregular rocks I have. You make do with what you have. I can't afford to buy fancy rocks.

And in the process of wiggling rocks this afternoon I ended up with even more rocks. The slope behind the new wiggle in Creation was practically faced in stones. Who knows how they got there. Since I intend to plant tall perennials on that slope it made sense to start pulling them out while I was working down there. The plan for this gentle slope is tallish perennials backed by shrubberies backed by the baby trees. There will be a garden to gaze upon in the barren months of winter.

A path will wind through the opening in the tail of Creation and head upslope beside the trunk of the cherry tree, then through another opening created by the two holly trees that have been planted.

This vigorous yellow Louisiana iris donated by Fairegarden in Tennessee will have to be moved. It has multiplied dramatically already and will close off the path in no time. I'll dig it, divide it and give some to Bulbarella for the sunny utility meadow. When she saw it in bloom she decided she needed to have some of it.

That vigorous yellow Louisiana iris will make some fine eyebrows for the Creation.

There's more rain headed this way which will wash off the newly placed rocks in the tear in the fabric of Creation for a bit better color coordination. Then it is going to get coldish which will be good. Things have been trying to get ahead of themselves around here.

Now I just need four more, too big to move boulders to add in a sitting position to the right side of this new line of rocks so it will be balanced. I know where two are.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Rock envy. For that matter space envy. There seems to be a green fog around my monitor. Hmmmmmmm

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I have a feeling once the gardens on the roadside face of Ku'ulei 'Aina take hold I'll be wandering down in the forest along the stream tidying up the forest on the other side of Hale Mana. There's rocks down there too.

Siria said...

I love your creation! You have great vision.

Gail said...

Christopher, I wish I had your eye for rock creations~I almost have enough rock! gail

Becky said...

You seem to be having enough fun to make selling rocks in a box possible.I haven't seen that in any garden catalogs yet.I guess shipping could be a problem!

Lola said...

It makes one wonder what part the rocks played in the past. That part seems to have been involved very much in someone's life. If the chimney could talk.

Fairegarden said...

I warned you about the yellow iris, I hope! Warn Bulbarella, too. I love your Creation!

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes the Creation is something ... else. Maybe vision, maybe too much time on my hands, maybe restlessness and a touch of OCD. What sane person organizes rocks?

Lola I do know there were apple orchards and more pasture up here up until the 40's would be my guess.

Yes Frances I was warned. Somehow with all this space to fill I'm not seeing a problem.