Sunday, September 23, 2012


Miss Collar has not been cooperating in visiting next door to meet her new brother and sister so that they could get acquainted and become comfortable with each other. She has stuck very close to home since her own brother Crawford disappeared. Time is getting short before all the kitties will be living with me. Action was needed. Plan B was set into motion.

Now I am bringing the baby kitties to my place for the weekends when I am home. If Miss Collar wants to eat she has to get close to the new kitties. The after dinner siesta is about the only time Button is still enough to get a picture.

Same for Miss Dinah. She is a full size smaller than her brother but just as energetic. They are spending more and more time outside on their own within supervision distance. They really don't wander far. It seems a natural instinct for them to stick close for safety. Already they go on garden strolls and follow right along. At this small stage they are required to come in at night. I'd like to keep that permanent.

These city born kitties are proving much more people friendly and much more willing to consider a house their home.

Their indoor training with stuffed mice has been effective. They have made their first kills. I had no idea we had shrews up here. Add it to the list of varmints on this mountain. I only learned this summer we had the Least Weasel here. Bad thing is city born kitties then want to bring their new found toys in the house. That will need some work.

With minimal hissing Miss Collar is accepting the little intruders. There has been much nose to nose contact and side by side dining was accomplished on the second visit. Most important there have been no signs of aggression. Still she will show her displeasure and flee when she has seen enough.

The kitties are getting acclimated as I begin the semiannual process myself. The diagnosed low for the morning is 39 degrees. We are all going to die!!

I don't mind the cold. I don't mind the warm. It is the transition period from one to the other that my wrinkled, bony body has trouble with. I have no insulation to help ease the transition. The first couple of weeks are always a shock to the system.

It is worth it though for season changing scenes like this. My camera actually captured what my eyes saw when I walked up the driveway in the warm late afternoon sun.

Autumn is knocking at the door. We will all acclimatize.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Don't you love it when the camera shows what you see? The kitties are so sweet looking. They will surely win over Collar. You are going to have to pull out your woolies.

Cheryl Kotecki said...

Nice photography of the new varmint-inhibiting residents. The youngsters in particular can be most difficult subjects. Miss Collar could be a calendar girl.

Gail said...

It's a beautiful sight, too. A neighbor used to walk her dog and her cat would follow along~It was so cool. I can see you walking the paths with your kitties now that I have seen the paths! gail

Lola said...

Those kitties are growing for sure. Miss Collar will adjust. My Ling Ling tolerates the new Kittie that showed up in my back yard. I think someone put it there. It is already used to being inside & just old enough to eat solid food. You can tell by watching it. Pretty coat, stripped stockings.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa it is almost time for the woolies.

Cheryl the tall flower meadow is a varmint producer. It has everything rodents need for large populations.

Gail I don't know why cats are not know to go for walks. All our cats have always gone on garden strolls.

Lola someone left you a new kitten?